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We are a group of early childhood educators, child care experts, community builders, and parents. The founding principle of bloom is to support the needs of modern families value maintaining a nontraditional life/workflow. Each member of our team has a strong desire to support families who are facilitating some of life’s most intricate responsibilities. Our founders firmly believe in fostering a community of support for families who are adapting to a new normal as the dynamics between working, living, and loving their families changes. By maintaining a safe child-friendly environment, we aim to provide flexible options that enable families to strike a unique balance of professional and personal goals.

About: Inner_about


Behind Our Doors

bloom exists to support families as they flow through new phases in life - whether you are working from home or looking for a more gentle transition back into the workplace.  We are a resource for families who are working to bring their own projects to fruition. We proudly support entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and innovators.

We believe in the village. We are building a new kind of community – our commonality is that our needs are different from the traditional ideas of family life.

Sustainability and cooperation within our community means active participation. This looks different for everyone. In the co-op spirit, some will spend 15 minutes reading stories and playing alongside the smallest members of our community in the Children’s Space. Others will share their talent for gathering groups of people by representing bloom’s community at an event. A gifted professional will share a few words of advice with a new business owner working in the space next to them.

We believe we have much to gain from the member working across the table. An introduction to this person is an introduction to a new set of ideas, experiences and opportunities for partnership. 

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